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Nerd Liberation Movement

Famous Nerds

Every TV show family has at least one Nerd in the family. Here's a shrine to all those nerds who have lit the way for future nerd stars

Comic book guy
If you've ever walked downtown and went into the comic store, you've probably met this guy....

Harold Green
I fhtey dont find you handsome, they should at least find you handy *chuckles* *snort* *gah-havin*

Luigi... the less popular brother of Mario
Its ok to walk in someone's shadow. . .

a picture is worth a thousand words

the Guy from Alexisonfire
Emo Kids... all of a sudden its cool to be the one who cries in a corner. . .

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Mr Spock
Creator of the Vulcan Hand Salute.... We Salute You Mr Spock

Napoleon Dynomite
Where would nerds be without his bow-hunting skills?

Wierd Al Yankovic
True-er words were never spoken about the Amish. . . way to go Mr. Yankovic

Wanksters, or should we call them WankStars!
They are the ultimate in the closet nerd. . . but they are more nerdy than actual nerds. . .

Body hair is more socially acceptable... we salute you Kramer

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The backstreet Boys
If you ignore them... they will go away. . .

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Dedicated to all the nerds who proudly came before us, and to those too ashamed to admit their true nerdiness. We hope to help you come out of your shameful glove and into your Batman costumes and thick-framed glasses. Help us make it hip to be square. For those of you about to Nerd, We Salut You!