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Nerd Liberation Movement
Nerd Quizications

This quiz will help you find your nerd style!!!!!! Weather hidden or extream nerd we'll help you discover it!!! So hike up your pant's, lace up your ortheopedic shoe's and get ready for the nerd experience of a lifetime!!!

1. Who most put's your suspender's in a twist?:

(A) Bill Gates he rich, successful, and a tech wiz.

(B) That good looking classmate you saw looking at picture's of chewwy from star war's.

(c) the pimply faced redhead working behind the counter at burger king. though you'd never admit to it.

(D) Legolas (Lord Of The Rings)

2. What's your idea of a perfect evening?:

(A)eating a can of ravioli while fixing my hard drive. oh ya i went there!

(B)watching old star trek re-run's in your underwear surrounded by old KFC containers

(C) Buying Movie tickets to the most popular movie, but sneaking into Harry Potter. . .

(D) Wearing you tights and practicing your archery. You never know when those Orks might attack.. .

3. Your friends discribe you as. . .

(A) Do internet chat dates count?

(B) kawf kimach nictar -- Thats klingon for "a hip cool cat"

(C) No one knows much about you. You keep you true nerdish leanings to yourself.

(D) Friends? You mean, like, The Super Friends?

4. When you go Trick-Or-Treating, your ideal costume is:

(A) Your Printer

(B) Chewbacca

(C) A Playboy Bunny

(D) Legolas-- You're too preoccupied with how sexy you look in those tights, that you totally forget you look like a chick

5. When meeting an attractive member of the opposite sex, your pick up lines sound most like. . .

(A)Let's go back to my place and see if you can help me mount my hard drive in the right slot.

(B)R-R-R-R-R-R-A-A-A-A-A-A-W-W-W-W-W-W-R-R-R-R-R-R-R (chewy call)


I may look like an Ewok, but I'm all Wookie where it counts, baby.

(C) Is 69 a perfect square?

(D) Wanna go back to my place and talk dirty in Elvish?

What Your Answers Mean

Mostly A's

You are a computer Nerd!! Your idols include the MSN icon and Bill Gates. You are aroused by people who really know how to format your hard drive and when they talk in MSN messenger style

Mostly B's

You are a trekkie, or a staw wars freak... but somehow you cant agree on both. Not only can you recite every mistake in the Star Wars series, but you can also find away to make it fit in with the story line. You pride yourself on having shook Luke Skywalker's hand and you believe that Bigfoots evolved from Chewbacca.

Mostly C's

You are still an in-the-closet nerd. Your friends are mostly the cool people and make you feel ashamed of who you really are. They arent your real friends, your real friends are the ones you've met online in a chat room for Urkel fans. No more dancing by yourself in your room in your underwear... Be proud to wear your Batman shirt!! There's no need to hide it in the bottom of your drawers!! Most likely to end up like Devon

Mostly D's

There is no hope for you. You obsess over everything that is so incredibly dweeby, and make things that arent dweeby, dweeby. My advice for you is to wear some pants that dont look like they came from "A Midsummer Night' Dream" and get outside so that some natural light can hit your skin, instead of the computer radiation from your computer screen. Lord of the Rings is your bible, and Legolas your God, and you believe that together, you can take over the world, if only you could destroy The Ring. You are most likely to end up like Logan.

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Dedicated to all the nerds who proudly came before us, and to those too ashamed to admit their true nerdiness. We hope to help you come out of your shameful glove and into your Batman costumes and thick-framed glasses. Help us make it hip to be square. For those of you about to Nerd, We Salut You!