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Nerd Liberation Movement

Nerd News-ification

Little Nerdish Things...

Suspenders. Yes, I do wear them

In the nerd community suspenders are still heavily worn. Many people think they are "uncool" or "not hip". I beg to differ. Suspenders are crucial if you want to have your pants high, if you want to be popular, etc.

Now the rest of the community is different. I have a horrible feeling that suspenders will be soon outlawed in stores. You can't even find pocket protectors these days, let's not get rid of suspenders.

Suspenders are in serious danger of being extinct.

I wore suspenders today, and let me tell you it was great! My pants were at a length that the staff at my high school more than approved of them. Then came Spanish ... The snappings were brutal, but pain comes along with glory.

I suppose that I am currently trying to create what the kids call a "fashion statement". I doubt that it will work, but if I had popularity on my side, everyone would be wearing suspenders at my school within a day or two.


A New Virus?!

In a disturbing press conference held last Thursday, N.S.T.A (Nerds Stand Together Association) scientists have confirmed the existence of a new and potentially dangerous strain of popularosis. This new mutation, being dubbed "gangsta-itis," seems to be taking out teens by the minute. Popularosis was first discovered by nerd Steph Seymour in early 2005.

"I was very concerned with the number of people using a strange language, or lingo, and sagging their pants. It just wasn't natural." In late 2003, Steph had found a cure. "All you needed to do was listen to a lot of Celine Dion. It is funny how easy it was to contain it. Too bad nobody listened to me.

Some symptoms of gangsta-itis include, but are not limited too: Showing off your colors, calling your friends your homies, and having strong urges to do drive-by shootings. When approached with this news, Bottoset wasn't very optimistic.

"This is a terrible tragedy that could result in another case of popularosis "I don't like this at all"

Can this become an epidemic? Nobody will know until it is too late"

New Fad - Wearing Computer Bling

Yes, you heard me correctly. I did just say computer bling, by definition bling is usually some sort of expensive gold or diamond item that you wear to make yourself more of a man. Computer bling is much more than that. If you're new to this, just wear a single floppy disk around your neck, like a necklace. This must have something on it, preferably some sort of software. If the disk is blank then you are bringing shame to your fellow nerds. For me I have a Linux Slackware 10.0 around me at all times. It's your choice on what you want though. You might want to wear ISO CD's or the occasional USB Pen Drive never hurts either. Expiriment with it, if anybody questions your authority tell them it's computer bling, and say [insert what you have on the disk, it usually helps if this is software] REPRESENT!! [pound chest with your fist and make a peace sign] if you complete all of this - congratulations, you're a straight up gangsta' nerd.

Wear the computer bling, stand pround. Steph out.

Dedicated to all the nerds who proudly came before us, and to those too ashamed to admit their true nerdiness. We hope to help you come out of your shameful glove and into your Batman costumes and thick-framed glasses. Help us make it hip to be square. For those of you about to Nerd, We Salut You!